Marrakech TourMARRAKECH’S HISTORY TOURThe historic visit of the former town called medina, company an excellent professional guide, here you go. Discover Marrakech and apprehend its nuggets. You will begin your tour by discovering the powerful symbol of the city, one that is probably the most visible and best known, namely the Koutoubia mosque with its minaret that overlooks the entire city (69 m height). The Koutoubia often serves as compass for tourists to better navigate in the heart of Marrakech. Then, we should not miss the famous tombs Saadiens: it’s a mausoleum that was discovered in 1917. Then, you will make a detour to the splendid place Djemaa El Fana, which is the vital heart of the city: a perfect place to enjoy a delicious tea, to taste the local specialities. While watching the live show that is offered to you. During the night, the square turns into a huge gargote where both locals and tourists come to enjoy their dinner in the open air. Around the square are the souks Finally, to complete this visit you will discover the palace of the Bahia, which is a nineteenth century palace of eight hectares, one of the masterpieces of Moroccan architecture, One of the major monuments of the cultural heritage of the country and one of the main places of tourism in Morocco.FEATURES:Type: visit to Marrakech.Duration one dayAvailability everydayMeeting point: at hotel&riadHIGHLIGHTS:Explore principle touristic landmarks of Marrakech (Bahia Palace, Ben Youssef School, Koutoubia Mosque) – Get a preview about Morocco of 100 years ago through a visit to Photography museum.